Guess what came in yesterday…
Yes yes ya’ll, that’s right! 43 Magazine with a sick as cover of Jimmy Lannon doing a wheelie, but not just a wheelie… Don’t think I’ve ever been so stoked on a magazine before, especially with a rare cover like this, it’s size, paper etc.
That’s what’s up, independent and non-profit! It only features 3 ads and they’re all good skate ads, nothing wrong with that!
Making a magazine like this costs money, a lot of money. And if you want to give over 6000 copies of the first issue away for free, you’ll most definitely need a few ads…
43 all day! The photo that this text is next to is one that’s shot in Rotterdam.
Delatorre has five tricks featured and has probably my favourite part of the zine.
Some good words by none other than Josh Stewart.
Ok, this sounds unbelievable… but that’s a Switch Ollie, into a rather tight bank.

To order 43 Magazine drop a comment below or an e-mail through the contact page. We’ll get some copies through Frisco and we’ll save you the shipping costs.
I believe that there were only about 3 people backing this project from The Netherlands, and that’s very disappointing and sad to hear.  If you care about skateboarding, drink a few less beers and smoke a few less cigarettes so you can afford 8 dollars an support skateboarding.
Kenny Reed and Dave Caddo, as well two great skateboarders – captured on two nice 120 film frames.
The magazine features more great skateboarders, such as Manderson, Broussard and others. The back-cover features someone you should definitely know if you’re from the country known for weed, hoes and other nice things.

Frisco and I have been looking into getting the mag, so if you want to save on shipping costs and spend just 8 dollars, please drop a comment below or e-mail me through the contact page.
If you don’t have the choice of getting it through us, get it directly on the website for 18 dollars.

Support (independent) skateboard and skate shop culture.

Please visit www.43magazine.com for more information and like 43 Magazine on Facebook.com/43magazine

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  1. Stuart Davison says:

    Hey! Just found out about this mag today. I’m a photography student and skater for life, so liking this mag a lot! Only problem is that I’m in England so is that a problem for you guys? I’ll probably cough up $18 for the overseas delivery if needs be and eat away my debt, I’d rather sit on a curb reading a sick mag and riding my board.

    Site is looking good, keep it up

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